15 Disember 2012


Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB


Hurm, today i feel better than yesterday. What i did? Just enjoy my self! LoL! But i need to plan to ensure thats lifestyle not affect my carrier to be the most successfull person.


Come back to the topic. TRAITOR? Who's that? Hurm, traitor is the bad person who will make a silent plan to ensure we sit until we died. They will feel the satisfaction after they see us failed in everything. Thats is a simple meaning of the traitor.

Nowadays, traitor can be our family. I like to share with you abou my small discussion with my friend last nigth. I share with him about my feel. In my story include my regregation of my family because never thinks about me. Im not demanding the high attention from them. But just want to see the quality of relationship. But nothing to do if just me demand for it.

Last night i really like with one of my friend word. "Family is the most heinous traitor". WTH! Sometime i think this word so cruel to use, but in reality, this is a true situation. We always place our family to be the high class partner in our life, but at the same time they are also human that have jealous in their heart. So, they possible to do everything to ensure we are stand behind them. If our step move forward then them, they will show the support but dont forget, show the support did not mean they are really behind u. 

So, the conclusion for this situation, i think, its nothing to bring this problem along with our life. What we can do is separate it from our lifestyle then wait them for any situation. Eventhought they try a lot of plan to ensure we sit in our life, we must keep move without failed. But remember, dont forget them if one day they need us. Allah will test us either who are we for our family one day.

Okay guys, lets start the day! gogogo.... SMILE :-P 

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