10 Disember 2012

Emotion control is sub of the CHAMPION!

Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB


This evening my mood was change when i heard some bad. I really did not expect what happen, but i just can trust one thing. Every movement already set up by Allah. I dont care what human will think about me, but i will care every my responsible. Its enought Allah like me. Okay, this is the best spiritual that i got this evening.

Hurm, what i want to tell u all is about, emotion. Emotion, is one of the part in our self. If u can control it, u will feel better in every of your life. Okay, i just can tell u that not every time that u will hear the good story, sometimes u will heard some bad story and it will be effect your emotion. Unbelieveable? Okay, what do u feel if u hear someone tell u that he did not like u? For sure u will not smile right? So, here if u failed to conduct ur emotion, u will really anry with this story and u will say something for that person.

To be a cool every time, control the emotion is the best practise. Today, i face it, how i manage? just write here and share it. LoL! Now i feel more better, okay guys! gogogo...

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