14 Disember 2012

i'M possible !

Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB


How are u guys... These 2, 3 days i could not understand what i really want. I got everything, but i felt i lost my self, i lost my way, i lost my Rasul way. I forgot the best muslim way. Oh no man! What i need to do? What happen to me. Every thing i did is about reward. No reward "im so sorry".

I need back my basic life, i need to ensure my happiness, i need some schedule to ensure my step. No! i really feel bad. Nothing happy to me, push the keyboard just on my heart call.

Okay! i need to be relax, complete first KIV task. Make sure i really free. Wish me luck friends

I'm possible! gogogo

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