10 Disember 2012

Rules as a part to SUCCESS!

Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB


So stress when got some new rule from HOD. If before i can manage my ask by my self. Its too relax. When i feel good, i will perform my task but if opposite, just understand it by yourself k!

Hurm, but how can i fight with this rules, im just a small person and need to follow it. If not, no salary for every month lah!


I think, its not bad if i keep follow the leaders, it can teach me how to be a good follower and may be i can use it as a part to be more success in my carrier right? LoL! Okaylah, I try to follow this new rule and may be i can perform more discipline guys in this organisation. Just smile! Good nite friend! gogogo

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