12 Disember 2012

i believe my self!

Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB


I believe on my self, how about you? LoL! So, self confident is the most important part perform your daily life. Without this element, we will fail to be a champion for any activity.

Based on today topic, i want to share with u all about my experience during the team building at Setiu Terengganu. This program managed by academy SG4S, about 37 staff operation involve with this program. So, i take this oppurtunity to enjoy my self in this camp.

At office i became the big guys because of my power, but here i manage to think that im the same people as them. Here i can see that im not the great guys because i really afraid for everything such as to do the trust fall, flying fox, swimming, night walk, etc.

How can? an executive fail to perform this. So bad.

At the last of these program, i know that i need to improve my self in developt my confident. Now, im the best people and i believe on my self. hope the same thing for you okay! gogogo

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