17 Disember 2012

The Principle!

Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB


Talk about princip sometimes make me confius. Fuhh! Long time i took to ensure my principle, The more time i spent more i got confius. For example, I try to be patient to get a new car. So, i set up my principle to be relax in 4 years. After i done my viva full settlement, i will think back about the new car. But the challenging i got now is when i need to face lot of people that Q about my life.

"Why not cahnge the car. U can what?
"So kedekut lor

But, now i got my 1st home. So i did not want to be so rushing in getting an assets. I can get it now, but am i can protect it till the end of the payment? So, i did not want confius my self. Hurm! If i stay look my supperior, My principle might disturbing, So i think i need a new plan. Change my actual concept, forget the superior but look at the downline. So they will not  make me stress because i did not need to fight with them and i can learn that, if i think i have nothing, some people still did not get what their want. Okaylah, enought for this time. :P


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