08 Oktober 2012

You are clever or not?

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"You are clever or You are always clever"

Thats the first word that attract me in IIA seminar. So funny, when I think about my self, hurm! it as not too bad if i said that i always think im clever guys. But now, i know that i can not be "always clever" because sometimes my decission may be include so many negative thinking. Hurm! Okay, i had completed the first day of my class in getting my CIA, wah! i really not expect to get this oppurtunity. Thanks God! Thanks a lot. Hope this certificate can bring me to be the best audit in the world. InsyaAllah!

Regard to the word, when u at the place that u always win, u might think that that u are always clever, but please dont forget to go out from your world, u will see ur idea just can put in the purge bin actually. As my experience here, i met with so many people from beijing, china, UK,etc. U know that, i just can be a listener. Fuh! be patient, be patient, but from this situation i can conclude that, i actually not too clever, a lot of thing i need to learn. My knowledge just a "ciput" here. huhu!

Today i have oppurtunity to talk with General Manager Oil Industry from Egypt. Fuh! he really great thinker, and no wonder if he can be a GM for that company. One word from him just can conclude so many problem, one action he gave can bring a lot of solution. Very good person. Never mind, in 4 days i will be one room with him, i really hope can learn more from him and bring it back to my company. Just one promise i told him today, u wait and see my company share price will increase without failed, the he asked me, how if u failed? Hurm, i just answer that may be not my fate to achieve that goal. No! u were wrong, if u failed please never stop to try because that situation will digest ur mind to ensure more succesfull.

Hurm! really respect his spirit, never stop when tired, but just stop when done!. Okay friend, if i have any free time, i will write more story. Wish me luck to bring back the CIA okay. Good luck for all, and I wish u can achieve whatever ur target. Remember .::goGOgo::.

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