11 Oktober 2012

Failed can not recognize who are u ;p

Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB


4 days with others executive, what made me weird why every exec can not perform the best action. hey man u are exec not a child. Hurm! from this experience i have tried to learn something. Everybody have their own way to perform the life. But what happen if ur status did not show u as the good man?

Okay, why our Malaysia can not perform better? just an easy answer i can conclude, our attitude, if we feel the comfort, that means something wrong. World already change guys! We also need to change our attitude. Dont be static, we can move our step so far ahead!

Whatever, i did not want to remind this anymore, i just regret with this exp. why not? If a company get the staff like this, that is the worst thing ever.


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