09 Oktober 2012

Are we special?

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Are u special? Am I special? Ever we asked ourself about it? Hurm! if never try to do it now. Today, if we ask that question to others u may not get the right answer because just urself will honest to u. Okay if ur answer NO!

Why? May be because u did not get something as ur friend got, am I right? huhu, Guys, we are special, everybody special in this world, but what make us different is the way we treats ourself. If we treat honestly to be success, u will get it. But if not, u just need to ask ur heart.

When u think u are special, u will always take the special action. Hurm, such as if u think u are the genius in ur department, u must be create the good or special action to ensure the others look at ur specialist.

Special or not will become from urself, when u demand to be special, u will take the special action. Okay my dear friends. .::goGOgo::.

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