12 April 2012

Selamat Datang - Wilayah Sosial BoB

Apa khabar? How are u allz? Hope u allz have a great day like I allz. Haha! That’s mean I allz in a very good condition today. Hurm! I feel macam nak speaking jer today. Hope u allz boleh lah faham what I will tell u allz. Okay! Like before, bob just tell u allz about the success and bob know that not many people want to talk about fail event its always happen and come in our life. So, its not fairif we just KIV the story about failure right? So don’t give up because today I will tell the benefit of fail. Are you ready?

Failed is when we can not achieve our target. It look so simple right? The most important problem is we will classified ourself fail when we do not achieve the target. Haiya! So rugi lorh if we be like this.

Actually, so shame to tell u allz that if we just get a title FAILURE. Why? Because a lot of people want to “ “Boooo” u if u not wake up and move your step forward. Please my friends, can not achieve your target is not means that u failed but you must understand that u just a planner and Allah will decide either u can achieve or not. Do u know “Loh Mahfuz”? My love ever tell me about it when I keep ask her why I always plan A but get B. She told me that, it is because “Loh Mahfuz” already stated my fate is B and I can not change anything even to bring that B become small b. It just will change by permission from Allah. Hows sweet, a little girl yang sangat comel tell me the great fact. TQ my dear. 

So, the conclusion is don’t give up if u can not achieve your target but please keep wake up and move your step clearly. Show the world that u are the person who never afraid to move forward the step. Okay!
Here bob want to share with u allz about the skill to ensure your best spiritual even u always face the failed situation.

  1.       When u failed please learn from it – Study the reason what make u failed 
  2.              Plan a new target and draft a many way to ensure u achieve your target 

So, if you can not get ur target with way one, u can use other way. So, u will not give up because u still have other way to get your target right?
Okay! Good Luck 


BoB (A016597)

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